Our Leadership

Meet our leaders here at artplayroof.ru:

Jeff Moody - Jeff is the President and COO of artplayroof.ru. He graduated from Baylor University, served 13 years as the chief financial officer (CFO) for a holding company with a diverse group of investments, worked as president and owner of a technology / computer company, and served as a business consultant in franchising servicing before being promoted to VP of Operations for the largest of all franchisee-based plumbing and drain cleaning companies in North America. He takes the approach that "business is all about results" and works hard to enhance the performance of plumber franchise partners by building the brand through committed and effective adherence to blueservice Standards™.

Jack Pruitt - Jack began his franchising career by purchasing a plumbing franchise from one of the most prominent franchisee-based plumbing and drain companies in North America, and later a restoration franchise. Over the course of 15 years, he owned and operated two highly successful franchises. A model franchise owner, Jack has received numerous awards including: Rookie of the Year, Sales Leader of the Year, Leadership in Mentoring, Fastest Growing Franchise of the Year, Franchisee of the Year, Multi-Concept Franchise of the Year, and numerous sales per population awards. He has worked as a franchise consultant for three different brands and operations specialist of a plumbing franchise. He focuses on the client experience through training, enhancing franchise partners' performance, and executing blueservice Standards™ to build the brand effectively.

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